Johnson Park Youth Center


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Johnson Park Youth Center Complex

Johnson Park Youth Center Complex

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Haunted House



Rental Fee and General Information

Johnson Park Youth Center Complex
Bulldog Blvd. (North of Dome)
Borger, TX. 79007


Anadon Keys, Supervisor at Johnson Park Youth Center

Youth Center and Park Recreation: 806-231-8979
Johnson Park Youth Facility: 806-275-9014


Swimming Pool

Johnson Park Youth Center Swimming Pool Opens 1 p.m. until 7 p.m. 7 days a week.

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Johnson Park Disc Golf Course


Johnson Park Youth Center
Grand Opening Disc Golf Tournament



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Download Agreements and Applications:

Note about the Gymnasium: Anyone may come in and walk in the Johnson Park Gymnasium from 8am to 12pm for FREE everyday. 19 laps around the gym = 1mile. We only ask that you wear shoes with non-marking soles.

Reserving the Youth Center:

Reservations must be made in person. Applicants must be; (1) 21 years of age; (2) Primary sponsor of the event; (3) Present during the entire duration of the event.

Youth Center staff is required at all times during a rental period. If more than 100 people are scheduled to attend, two staff employees may be required. The staff is provided to assist you with your use of the facility and to be sure the use is consistent with our building use rules and policies. However, the staff should not be expected to help you set up or clean up the Youth Center. Set up and clean up are the applicant’s responsibility. At the conclusion of your use, the staff employee is required to perform a walk-through of the building with you to be sure it is left clean and in order. Please be sure to follow any and all directions given by our staff. Failure to leave the building in a clean and neat condition may result in additional cleaning charges being assessed to you, the user of the facility.

Room Capacity of 250 people.

Dates for renting the Youth Center must be made through Johnson Park Youth Center Supervisor.

The Youth Center will not be available to rent on Fridays. Fridays are reserved for Middle and High School dances.

Full payment must be made in order to secure reservation. By accepting the use of the Youth Center, you also accept the responsibility for any and all damages to the premises sustained during your use.

The person who signs the application is responsible to maintain proper conduct of all those attending the function, both in the Youth Center and on the surrounding grounds.

Cancellations must be made at least one week, before scheduled time, in order to receive refund.

Applicants are responsible for all of their guests until they are picked up by their parent or guardian.

Johnson Park Youth Center

Care of the Youth Center:

Users of the Youth Center must leave rooms clean and in good order.

Activities may not continue past 11:00 p.m. and the facility must be cleaned and vacated no later than 12:00 a.m.

Property belonging to the Youth Center, such as tables, chairs, pool tables etc. if broken, will be reimbursed by renter. Applicants will be held strictly accountable for any property damage.

All regular Johnson Park Youth Center Complex rules and policies are still enforced. A copy of these rules and policies will be given to applicant when they sign rental agreement. The Johnson Park Youth Center Complex, including the surrounding grounds and parking area, is an alcohol, tobacco, drug and weapons free zone. There are no exceptions. All contraband (cigarettes, tobacco products, drugs, alcohol, or weapons) will be confiscated and the police will be called.

The Youth Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items during the rental period.

An adult must attend children at all times. Two (2) adults must be present for every Thirty (30) minors.

Clean up food and beverage spills immediately and report to the Youth Center staff. Discard all trash.

The applicant must properly clean the facility and all additional time spent by Youth Center staff over basic rental period will be charged an hourly cleaning fee.

Neither the applicant nor anyone else involved shall be admitted to the facility prior to the designated rental time.

No storage is available before or after the event.

Cooking is not permitted on the premises.

No decorations can be taped, pinned, tacked, stapled, etc. on the wall or floor. Glitter and confetti is prohibited. No candles, lanterns or open flames are allowed (except birthday cake candles). Decorations must be flame retardant. At the completion of the affair, all decorations must be totally removed from the facility.

Please allow time for set up and clean up in your request for time at the Youth Center.

Ping Pong


Swimming Pool

Disc Golf Course
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